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Let's Get Squeaky Clean!

No more dirty dog! After a long walk or playing, a bath or a relaxing day at the spa is exactly what your dog needs. Urban Paws proudly offers custom designed bathing tubs in an enjoyable grooming environment for your dog.

Urban Paws provides you with your own private bath bay, an apron, massage shampooing with a variety of shampoo choices, dryer, and ear drying/cleaning solution.

Available Packages


Nice 'N Easy Bath - A simple and relaxing bath that includes: brush out, ear cleaning, express anal gland, nail clip, cologne. Starting at $35

Self Service Bath - $25


Facial - Our blueberry and apricot facial helps clear eye stains while cleaning and brightening your pet’s face. It can be used as a tearless face wash, a full body shampoo, and a color brightener. $20



Paw Balm - Our paw balm conditions and soothes dry, cracked paws and itchy hot spots. It contains infusions of certified organic botanicals such as calendula and sunflower seed oil. $15

Nail Clipping/Grinding - If your pet has difficulty with nail clippers we can provide nail grinding. This process is quick and a pain-free way to trim and smooth nails. $20


Spa Add-Ons

Hair Brushing Sessions - FOR DAYCARE AND BOARDING GUESTS ONLY. Starting at $10 per session. (Not furminator, nor de-matting)

Furminator Treatment - We remove the old, loose undercoat from your pet. This treatment can eliminate up to 90% of your pet’s shedding at home. Starts at $50.

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